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For God So Loved the World…

For “God” so loved the world:

  • He gave his “beloved children” an incoherent, confusing, inconsistent and self-contradicting “word” to live by (the bible) that no two people could agree upon, and then he told them that it was their only hope.  Then he stood back and judged them, and he “poured out his wrath” upon them, and he “condemned” them, and he “cast them away from himself” if they got any of the crazy, mixed-up stuff in his bible wrong.
  • He allowed untold billions of human beings (his own “children”) to live and suffer in desperate poverty, sickness, enslavement, torment, and fear; and as if that wasn’t enough, when they died he found them to be “unworthy” of him and sentenced them to burn in hell eternally–because during their lifetimes they grew up, and perhaps grew old, in a non-Christian culture and never even heard of his so-called “good news.”  They never even had a chance.  He never even gave them a chance!  How does that song go?  (“Our God is an awesome God…“)
  • In spite of his “omniscience,” he personally and intentionally created Satan and he personally and intentionally allowed Satan access to his “Garden of Eden” and he personally and intentionally allowed Satan access to his beloved and innocent children (Adam and Eve) in order to (yes, IN ORDER TO) tempt them into sin–knowing (he was “omniscient,” after all) that Satan would be successful and his children would be “lost” to “sin” forever.  In effect, he knew in advance what Satan would do, and allowed him to do it; therefore, the so-called “fall of man” that Christians speak of was 100% GOD’S FAULT—though it is mankind who gets all the blame in God’s eyes; and therefore, all the punishment.  (By the way, might I remind you that the bible also refers to God as a “righteous judge.”  Ummm… yeah.  Oh, and isn’t the whole Garden of Eden thing yet another example of God “tempting man” by proxy—through the Satan-being he created and personally allowed into the garden while knowing in advance what he was going to do?  So it’s a bit hard for many of us to sing along with, “Our God is an awesome God; he reigns from heaven above; with wisdom, power, and love; our God is an awesome God.”)
  • He arbitrarily designated the Israelites as his “chosen people” and his “treasured possession” (according to Deuteronomy 7:6 and Deuteronomy 14:2) and apparently considered them as better than everyone else—better than all his other “children.”

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