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God is Love?

IF, as the bible tells us, “God IS love,” (1 John 4:8) AND IF
Love “keeps no record of wrongs,” (1 Corinthians 13:5) THEN
Why is God so damned OBSESSED with keeping track of ALL of humanity’s “sins” (or, wrongs) so he can adequately punish us?

It seems that something is wrong here.  Either:

  • God” is not love, or
  • Love does keep a record of wrongs after all, or
  • The love-not-keeping-a-record policy doesn’t apply to “God,” or
  • We (human beings) aren’t the object of “God’s” love, as the bible leads us to believe.

Of course, my personal belief is that there is no God.  There is no heaven.  There is no hell.  There is no supernatural creator-being watching over us, listening to our prayers, interceding on our behalves, and keeping track of all of our “wrongs” so he can adequately judge and punish us later.

So… relax.  Let go of religion and just enjoy your life, because you only get one.  Be good to each other along the way.


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