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It’s Time to End the Tax-Exempt Status for churches and other religious organizations!

Our economy is in deep trouble.  We all know that.  We are deeper in debt than ever before in American history, and this problem grows continually worse by the day.  American families are being squeezed between rising prices, lowering wages, and the constant threat of new taxation to generate more revenue for the federal government.

Meanwhile, churches and religious organizations of all faiths enjoy tax-free 501(c)3 status.  They pay NO taxes, and apparently they have special sections written into the tax code that exempt them from oversight–even by the IRS!

So while many ordinary American citizens are barely making it AND are responsible for most of the tax burden that sustains this nations governmental operations, mega-churches and religious organizations all over America deal in untold BILLIONS of dollars in revenue/monies each year (collectively) but they are exempt from paying taxes!  The also get many other perks as a result of their tax-exempt status.  It seems manifestly unfair for the vast religious community to enjoy such a special status, especially in times such as these, and to force a greater tax burden onto the strained backs of the American public as a result.

Many of the leaders of these mega-churches live like kings and queens compared to the rest of us, and they wield great wealth.  For example, Joel Osteen bought the former Compaq Center (the previous home stadium of the NBA’s Houston Rockets) to serve as his church building!!!!  The links at the bottom will allow you to see the shocking way many of these people live.  I strongly encourage you to review them.  Do these people really need tax-exempt status?!  I’m sure the rest of us could maybe “prosper” too, if we could enjoy such tax-exempt status for awhile.

You know, there is already something kind of sleazy-feeling in the way these people raise money for themselves, and their palaces, and their special projects.  Really.  Buy the “miracle water” and we can be healed or blessed?  Buy a “prayer shawl” to become closer to the lord?  Purchasing a “miracle manna loaf” will help us understand the principles of prosperity?  ANOTHER set of DVDs that we “need?”  ANOTHER book?  You need ANOTHER “love gift” from everyone in order to renovate your mansion… er… I mean… in order to keep doing the lord’s important work?  (A desperate, captive audience, being manipulated and slowly drained of money and hope.)  But on top of all the (literally) unfettered sleaze and manipulation, they enjoy tax-exempt status and freedom from government oversight as well?!  Something is very wrong here!  It is time for a change.  “Change we can believe in.”

I agree with President Obama that richer Americans should pay a bit more in taxes–especially now.  I also think it is time the government reconsiders its policy of tax-exempting religious organizations (of ALL faiths) and changes the tax code so that they PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE too!  After all, if we are all in this together–it should include us ALL.

To that end, I have just started a petition through the White House’s web site.  If you agree with me that it is time to end this “religious welfare,” especially at a time when we need our whole team on the field (ALL people and organizations paying their fair share and doing their part), then I hope that you will sign this petition.  If 25,000 people visit the petition site and sign by Dec 10th, then the White House staff will officially review it and consider it.  I hope you will help.

Please click HERE to view and sign the official petition.  Thanks very much!


Here are just a few sites that provide some eye-opening information on how these people live. You will be SHOCKED:


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