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A “peaceful” muslim? Really?!

We hear this term used constantly, but I am not sure there is any such thing as a “peaceful” muslim. How can I possibly think such a thing? Well, islam itself (as a belief system) is not peaceful. Islam dominates whole societies and subjugates their citizens under ultra-strict religion-based controls and constant fear of brutality and death. Islam itself is not respectful, or tolerant, or progressive, or empowering, or personally liberating, or beautiful in any way. It does not advocate for freedom or equality among its members. It meets non-compliance or dissent with immediate brutality and intimidation — or in far too many cases… death. It actively seeks to spread itself to other cultures and to bring them under the dominion of islam as well — like a virus. It does not peacefully coexist with other belief systems — despite the claims of its paid spin-masters on television.


It seems to me, therefore, that if one is a dedicated muslim in their heart; if one willingly embraces the tenets of islam as they are actually written in the qur’an, and taught in the mosques, and practiced in the real world (not as they are “said” to exist by professional spin-masters with hidden agendas); if one “is a muslim” but does not openly abhor and fight against the rampant and inherent oppression and brutality associated with islam; if one “is a muslim” but does not actively and vocally denounce those who are commonly referred to as the “violent extremists” and remove them from their religion and bring them to justice; if one “is a muslim” but quietly supports or even sits passively by and allows the oppression and atrocities to continue unchallenged and unhated (even if only in their heart), then that person is not a “peaceful” muslim — even if they have never personally perpetrated a violent or oppressive act on another human being. If they “practice” the muslim faith in a very loose, watered-down way that is not strictly compliant with its god’s doctrines and its prophet’s instructions, then that person is technically not a muslim — they have invented a new religion (that they personally approve of and like better). It may appear to be “similar” to islam, but it is not islam — so they can’t be counted as “peaceful muslims.” If islam, as it is actually written in the qur’an and taught by the imams (the “divinely appointed, sinless, infallible successors of muhammad“) and other religious leaders, is not peaceful (and clearly, it is not), then no one who adopts that backward faith can be deemed peaceful. No one. Please read on.


Again, if a “muslim” does not support the atrocities islam is so widely known for in their heart — if, even in the privacy of their own terrorized heart, they do not willingly embrace islam as good and right for human society — if, in their heart they “know” there must be a better way, then they are not muslims, strictly speaking — regardless of what they wear, or where they live, or what “god” they outwardly pretend to pray to. Perhaps they are simply people — trapped from birth in an oppressive muslim culture, and would likely eagerly accept any other way of life that offered them real freedom and equality — unless they suffer from some sort of “Stockholm Syndrome“-type mental disorder. These can be peaceful people, specifically because they are not muslims.


So please push away any political correctness “spin” that has been put into your mind (in exactly the same manner as all religious leaders put creepy “belief-system” ideas into the minds of their “sheep”) and consider the following:

  • How islam “peacefully” integrates itself within societies:
    • Instituting a system which purposefully strikes terror and fear in the hearts of the general population for non-compliance, non-belief, or for being born differently from the “accepted norm” (e.g., being gay) is not a peaceful act.
    • Imposing a violent, oppressive religion onto whole societies simply because you are the numerical majority is not a peaceful act.
    • Instilling the fear of death or imprisonment in the population, for not believing what the “system” says they should believe in is not a peaceful act.
    • Infiltrating and enslaving entire societies is not a peaceful act.
    • Brainwashing and mentally enslaving entire societies is not a peaceful act.
    • Brainwashing small children with hateful, intolerant religious doctrine is not a peaceful act.
    • Brainwashing children that women are lower class human beings, that gays and infidels must be killed, and to generally hate everyone who is different from them is not a peaceful act.
    • Depriving people of free speech with threats, bullying, and intimidation is not a peaceful act.
    • Depriving whole societies or demographic groups of their human or civil rights is not a peaceful act.
    • Sharia law is not peaceful.
  • How islam treats women and girls “peacefully:”
    • The wholesale oppression of women is not a peaceful act.
    • Even considering women as a lower class of humanity is not a peaceful act.
    • Forcing women to wear a burqa or a hijab is not a peaceful act.
    • Raping women and girls is not a peaceful act.
    • Murdering women and girls because they have been raped is not a peaceful act.
    • Beheading women and girls is not a peaceful act.
    • Shooting women and girls is not a peaceful act.
    • Stoning women and girls to death for having sex is not a peaceful act.
    • Depriving women and girls of total equality and freedom with men is not a peaceful act.
    • Making women and girls live in fear is not a peaceful act.
    • Forcing women and girls to marry against their will is not a peaceful act.
    • Marrying little girls is NOT a peaceful act.
  • How islam treats gays “peacefully:”
    • Murdering gays simply for existing is not a peaceful act.
    • The wholesale oppression of gays is not a peaceful act.
    • Hating gays, even in your heart, is not a peaceful act.
    • Even considering gays as a lower class of humanity is not a peaceful act.
    • Beheading gays is not a peaceful act.
    • Hanging gays is not a peaceful act.
    • Stoning gays to death is not a peaceful act.
    • Shooting gays is not a peaceful act.
    • Burning gays alive is not a peaceful act.
    • Making gays live in fear and anonymity is not a peaceful act.
  • How islam treats people of other faiths “peacefully:”
    • The wholesale oppression of atheists and people of different faiths is not a peaceful act.
    • Killing people who leave the muslim faith is not a peaceful act.
    • Suicide/homicide bombings are not peaceful acts.
    • Blowing up embassies is not a peaceful act.
    • Flying planes full of people into buildings full of people is not a peaceful act.
    • Murdering or imprisoning someone for not believing the same thing you do is not a peaceful act.
    • The wholesale, violent, brutal intolerance of other religions is not a peaceful act.
    • Calling (or considering) non-muslims “infidels” is not a peaceful act.
    • Throwing acid in someone’s face is not a peaceful act.
    • Demanding that everyone think like you is not a peaceful act.
  • How islam “peacefully” deals with non-compliance:
    • Barbaric public executions (whether by beheading, hanging, stoning, or gunshot) are not peaceful acts. They are brutal acts of public intimidation. They are terrorism!
    • Beheading people is not a peaceful act.
    • Stoning people to death is not a peaceful act.
    • Cutting off someone’s nose is not a peaceful act.
    • So-called “honor killings” are not peaceful acts.
    • Threatening other people is not a peaceful act.
  • How islam “peacefully” protects and furthers all things islam:
    • Using “Taqiyya” to deceive non-muslims about the true aims and goals of islam is not a peaceful act.
    • Supporting, or even tolerating, the so-called “extremists” within your own religion is not a peaceful act.
    • Tolerating, believing in, embracing, or supporting any of the above acts (in any way) — is not a peaceful act — even if you did not personally participate in them.


Oddly, very sadly, my president apparently supports and admires the religion of islam. He has stated this publicly on many occasions. He may even have even been a practicing muslim at one point in his life. There is evidence to suggest that he was, though I can’t say for certain. This is very distressing to me. He must, it seems then, also support the “peaceful” things listed above. I say this because I have never heard him speak out publicly against these things, which are apparently integral to islam itself. He has even stated publicly several times, that “islam has a long history of tolerance. [Peacefulness is likely implied in this statement as well.]” Really?! Because none of the things listed above are remotely tolerant or peaceful — in any way. None of them. Yet, they are apparently all integral to islam itself. So I worry why my president would say such a thing, but never openly condemn islam for the countless brutal atrocities (and “softer” crimes against humanity) that are done in its name. Give it some thought, do some research, and draw your own conclusions. Don’t ignore your common sense, though. It probably serves you very faithfully.


Remember: All human beings are born atheist. All human beings are born free. All human beings are born equal. All human beings are born without religious affiliation; without cultural, racial, ethnic, gender, or sexual orientation biases; we are born without man-made “social status;” and even without national allegiances. People don’t stay that way for long, though. The families, the villages, the societies, the cultures, the governmental systems into which we are born then apply all these things to us in our infancy — without our knowledge or consent. We are assigned a religion by our parents (unless we are born into an atheist family). Almost no one chose the religion they practice as an adult. We are taught (primarily by religion and government) to hate or mistrust those who are not like us.  We are assigned a social “status” and an accompanying set of rights and privileges (depending upon our assigned social status), and we are expected to comply — to obey — to keep our place. We are expected to support the system into which we were born. I understand that much of this is a necessary or inescapable by-product of living in an ordered society, but where religion is concerned, I believe a very heavy line should be drawn. Religion is exploitative and seductive. Religion is predatory. Religion is controlling. It is divisive. It is inherently intolerant. Religion is viral — it spreads itself to other cultures and societies in hopes of dominating the population in some parasitic way. Religion is dangerous. It was not invented to help you, or to bring you peace. That is a con. It was invented to exploit and control you. And children are at particular risk, as they ensure the continuation of the scam into the next generation. But the cycle needs to be BROKEN. As completely impossible as it would be to enact and implement, I think no child should be exposed to religion until they reach the age of majority — thinking majority, not arbitrary chronological majority — for the same reason that children are not legally allowed to vote, or sign contracts, or purchase alcohol and tobacco, or engage in “consensual” sex. Their minds simply aren’t developed enough to allow them to understand the totality of the consequences of such things. So, as a society, we protect them from the unscrupulous who would take advantage of their naivete for nefarious purposes — except where religion is concerned, for some inexplicable reason! This really needs to change. If it did, probably within two or three generations, religion would be nearly wiped out, and all of the problems it causes human society would have begun to disappear. That is why ALL religions specifically target children! Disgusting! Mentally enslaving children is NOT a peaceful act!

I’ve created all the memes used in this post, along with several others that deal with this subject (included below). Feel free to copy and use them as you see fit. I hope they make you think somewhat differently than you did before about the sham idea that islam is a “religion of peace” and about the existence of so-called “peaceful muslims.” There is no evidence that they exist.































Obviously, I could go on with this, but I’ll leave it at that. So what does your “gut” tell you? Does it sound like a “religion of peace” to you? No? Well you are not alone. Growing numbers of people are beginning to see what islam really is — and what it really does to the people it enslaves. Speak out. Resist the spread of religion wherever you find it — especially brutal, backward islam. Don’t be fooled or intimidated by their name-calling. (Read my very short blog post titled “Labeling the Dissenter.”) The religion of islam is NOT owed respect. No religion is. (I invite you to read my other blog post(s) on “Respecting” Religion for more on that.)



I am here to challenge your comfortable and familiar perceptions and paradigms — to help awaken you — to make you think.” — AAJG


The Importance of Skin “Color”

Oh, did you think there was one? Importance? Er… No. None, whatsoever. A person’s skin “color” should have nothing to do with anything, yet in our society it still seems to “matter” to far too many people. Unfortunately, there are still people who seem to judge others based on the pigmentation in their skin. A person’s skin “color” is wholly irrelevant to who they are as a human being. It should not make one more loved, or more hated — more accepted, or more rejected. It should not determine one’s fitness for a friendship or a love relationship — or to be your neighbor. It should not determine whether one is, or is not, qualified for a job, or a promotion, or an internship, or a scholarship. One’s “skin color” (I literally hate even using the term.) has no bearing on the quality or character of a human being, whatsoever. None. It does not determine who a human being is, or what they stand for, or what they can contribute to society and achieve personally. It does not determine “goodness” or “badness.” It does not make one better than, or worse than, any other human being on earth. It does not give one greater or lesser beauty, or intellect, or courage, or talent. It does not make one more or less compassionate toward others, or more or less generous, or kind, or hateful, or gentle, or violent — or honest, or dishonest. It does not determine whether or not one is dependable, or honorable, or anything else. One’s skin “color” is a completely benign — inert — superficial — unremarkable — unimportant physical characteristic. It has no effect on one’s character, or personality, or psychology, any more than eye color does. None. Skin “color” is simply a physical, visual representation of the density of certain substances (such as the pigment melanin) in skin cells. Skin pigmentation does not determine or affect one’s behavior or character — at all. It is simply our bodies’ evolutionary adaptation to varied climates and levels of UV exposure. According to Wikipedia, it “evolved to primarily regulate the amount of ultraviolet radiation penetrating the skin, controlling its biochemical effects.”

So a person’s skin “color” doesn’t (or shouldn’t) matter in any way to any us. It’s a nonexistent “problem” that society created and turned into an actual problem by grouping and labeling humanity according to only one of the trillions of attributes and characteristics that comprise each unique, individual human being — and oddly, it’s not even an important characteristic. Can you imagine if they had decided to group us together according to our eye color, or our thumb circumference, or our shoe size instead? Grouping humanity according to skin tone is no less asinine. It serves no purpose — except to governments, politicians, and industries, because it makes us easier to divide and manipulate for various (rather obvious and nefarious) purposes. Such grouping by skin tone has never served humanity’s, or the individual person’s, best interests, however.

Besides, no two so-called “white” people are the same “color,” no two so-called “brown” people are the same “color,” and no two so-called “black” people are the same “color” either.  No one can say where the “white” category ends and the “brown” category begins.  No one.  Neither can anyone determine where the “brown” category ends and the “black” category begins — and to be truthful, I have never actually seen a truly “white” or “black” human being. The truth is, that we are allpeople of color.” All of us. We are all some shade of brown. Some lighter, some darker.  Collectively, we human beings are all varying shades of the same smoothly gradient brown color palette or spectrum. We are all brown.  Humanity’s ridiculous, senseless (almost childish) habit of grouping, categorizing, and then labeling people (regardless of the intent/motive) can sometimes be extremely problematic — and irritating. And it is usually very divisive, in the end.


Again, one’s skin “color,” or tone, or shade (however one chooses to term it) says nothing about who a person is — what they are made of — what they are capable of. People (of all races, ethnicities, cultures, and nationalities) who are fixated on “skin color” as a determiner of character, or as a basis for judging others, need to enlighten themselves. They need to evolve beyond the lunacy of placing importance on unimportant physical characteristics like a person’s skin tone, and just start treating their fellow human beings as they themselves would like to be treated — “according to the content of [that person’s] character” (in the words of my personal hero, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.).  That alone, would solve a great number of our society’s problems.

When I served in the U.S. military, we literally never referred to one another’s skin color. To erase that potential mental divider from our minds, we said that we are all “green” (referring to the color of our camouflaged utilities, our t-shirts, our socks, our camo paint, and so many other items of our equipment back then). We referred to one another as “light green” and “dark green” Soldiers/Sailors/Airmen/Marines. It became an endearing and very unifying thing for us. I believe it helped everyone to see past our completely unimportant physical differences (that civilian society had taught us were somehow important), and view one other as equals — as brothers — as family. It was very unifying. We were all green. In that same spirit, maybe the rest of us can just be brown — “light brown” and “dark brown.” Maybe we civilians, too, can learn to overlook our unimportant differences and come to view one another as equals — as brothers and sisters — as family — as neighbors — as friends. It’s just a thought.

Finally, I  offer the following for your further consideration:

Click to enlarge. Screen capture from the Microsoft Paint application, showing the predefined, standard colors. The left and center (and rather shaky-looking) arrows point to "Brown" as they have defined it on the standard color palette. Hovering over the space indicated by the center arrow, brings up a tool-tip that says, "Brown."

Click image to enlarge. Screen capture from the Microsoft Paint application, showing the predefined, standard colors. The left and center (and rather shaky-looking) arrows point to “Brown” as they have defined it on the standard color palette. Hovering over the space indicated by the center arrow, brings up a tool-tip that says, “Brown.”

Click to enlarge. Clicking the "Edit Colors" button (as indicated by the far right arrow in the first image above), opens this dialog. Note along the right edge, there is a vertical indicator of the infinite variations (or "shades") included in the color brown—from the very light, to the very dark. Clicking and holding the small arrow pointer and sliding it up and down the smoothly gradient brown color spectrum, allows one to select which "shade" of brown to use. ALL are shades of brown, though.

Click image to enlarge. Clicking the “Edit Colors” button (as indicated by the far right arrow in the first image above), opens this dialog. Note along the right edge, there is a vertical indicator of the seemingly infinite variations (or “shades”) included in the color brown — from the very light, to the very dark. Clicking and holding the small arrow pointer and sliding it up and down the smoothly gradient brown color spectrum, allows one to select which “shade” of brown to use. ALL are shades of brown, though.

Be kind to one another.


I am here to challenge your comfortable and familiar perceptions and paradigms — to help awaken you — to make you think.” — AAJG

Religious Indoctrination

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