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Muslim Woman Smiles When Told She Managed To Murder Eight Children (A Video)

More love from the “religion of peace.”  They are coming, and unless we become immune to their name-calling and intimidation; unless we cast aside fear, recognize the danger that comes from a clash of such a backward, anti-freedom culture with ours (especially within our own borders), and unapologetically STOP allowing permanent residency and citizenship to these people (until AFTER they unscrew their own culture and learn to live in peace with their neighboring countries and cultures), then what we saw in Boston recently will one day, possibly within our children’s lifetimes, become commonplace in America. Look at her face. She lookspeaceful,” but don’t be naive—islam does NOT coexist peacefully. It creates whole societies of sociopaths who seek to impose their way of life on the entire world—by whatever means necessary. They are coming.



I am here to challenge your comfortable and familiar perceptions and paradigms — to help awaken you — to make you think.” — AAJG


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