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One Muslim who is Telling the Truth (A Disturbing Video about the “Religion of Peace”)

The man being interviewed is Anjem Choudary; a muslim activist, a British former solicitor, and spokesman for the Islamist group Islam4UK (before it was forbidden). Choudary is a vocal critic of the UK’s involvement in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and has praised the terrorists involved in the attacks of 11 September 2001, and 7 July 2005. He believes in the implementation of Sharia law throughout the UK and America.

Please note how plainly and coolly he admits what islam has planned for America, and of the deception of muslims in general. Also noteworthy is how thoroughly convinced and at peace he is with regard to the madness that comes out of his mouth. This man’s world is upside-down. But the sad truth is that this IS what islam is; and “peaceful” coexistence (within our own borders) between backward, oppressive, upside-down islam and the things we Americans hold most dear IS NOT POSSIBLE—and this man makes this clear.

(Note: The last few seconds of this video are not what I want to share. I simply do not know how to cut the video off at that point. I do not know what is or what they advocate. Thus, I disclaim any affiliation with that web site. I am merely sharing a YouTube video.)


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