Gandalf Stormcrow

A bringer of news. A wielder of truth. If you wish to remain in the shadow of ignorance or delusion, this is not the place for you. Go back to the shadow! Those thoughts will not avail you here! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

“We Will Conquer Europe & America; The West Will Convert to Islam” (A Video)

I have told you before. They are not coming here for a better life and a piece of the “American dream.” They have another agenda; and they aren’t really all that shy about stating it publicly in many cases, because they believe with all their hearts that allah has willed it and that there is nothing we can (or rather, nothing we will) do to stop them. In the name of “multiculturalism” and “tolerance” the West will naively welcome these people in until sufficient numbers are here to effect the changes that they desire for our nations. They are coming. They are coming, and I believe that the cowards in our governments will acquiesce to every demand they make — for fear of “offending” or being called a name. Are you getting this? For fear of being called a name, they will give away our country without a fight — just like England is doing even now!



I am here to challenge your comfortable and familiar perceptions and paradigms — to help awaken you — to make you think.” — AAJG


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