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Thanks for taking a few minutes to check out my blog.  I hope that you find some of the things I write about interesting, or at least thought-provoking in some way, and that you don’t consider your time here a complete waste.  🙂

I am new to blogging, and as you can probably tell I don’t devote very much time to it. I don’t have a specific regularity for posting things, or any particular set of things I write about—just whatever comes to my mind at any given moment.

Many of my posts will be works in progress, and I will update them periodically as newer thoughts or perspectives come to mind.

My real hope is that my postings might help start a civil discussion so that we can learn from one another.  I see certain ideas and concepts that have been accepted as “truth” within our society, but on many of these I don’t consider the subject closed.  I think some of these generally accepted ideas and concepts have not been fully thought out or properly considered and discussed.  Perhaps we can do some of that here…

******** I ask that you please remember ********

The things I write in my blog are my opinions or observations only.  None is meant to offend, though in our overly sensitive society of whiners and mindless political correctness nazis, it is likely that I will offend some who read the things I write here.

I specifically intend that this be a place for the hard, unadulterated truth about certain issues (as best I perceive the truth about them to be). In this arena (my arena where I can set the rules and guidelines), I choose not to express my thoughts in a manner which considers “political correctness” in any fashion, as political correctness is an ostensibly noble, but rather misguided attempt by society to bestow equal, universal, and unearned respect onto groups, rather than onto individual human beings. I am of the strong opinion that people (i.e., individual human beings—while they are acting as individual human beings rather than as representatives of a group) deserve consideration and respect (unless their actions and choices dictate otherwise); however, I am also of the unwavering opinion that issues “deserve” neither consideration nor respect. Ever. Similarly, ideasconcepts, and social movements do not “deserve” respect—even if they are yours or one you believe in strongly (with the operative word being “deserve“). Neither do organizations, religionsgovernments, or (and this should raise a few eyebrowsgroups of people (REGARDLESS of how or why they are grouped — by gender, by race or ethnicity, by nationality, by culture, by economic or social status, by ideology or belief system, by occupation, by personal affiliation with certain clubs or organizations, etc.). Each of these things (ideasconcepts, social movements, religionsgovernments, and groups of people) can become respected—they can earn respect (possibly even universal respect, though this seems unlikely) depending on what they stand for, how they treat others, and how hard they are willing to work for it—but they are not owed this as individual human beings are. Ever. And even if a group does earn respect, it must be constantly maintained through effort.

Why are groups of people not deserving of respect unless they earn it and work hard to maintain it? Well, simply because one of the primary reasons people group themselves together is for the very specific purpose of wielding power and influence over other individuals and groups (even if they pretend that they are grouped together for some noble purpose). Grouping almost always results in something bad (corruption, bullying, intolerance, deprivation, oppression, manipulation, denying others of their rights, greed, and war), even if that wasn’t the intent in the beginning. This makes groups of people especially dangerous to human society and to the individual citizen; therefore, they must be continually watched—examined—scrutinized—questioned—made to prove themselves worthy of our respect and trust. One must never assume that any group is inherently benevolent or having a benign (or solely beneficial) effect on society at large. This is especially true for political parties, religions, social and advocacy groups, governments, and industries, as they have a very long and storied history of manipulation, corruption, deceit, disingenuous rhetoric and behavior, divisiveness, greed, and an insatiable hunger for power and control over our lives. They all have a specific, narrowly-defined, self-serving agenda (whether they are willing to admit it openly or not), and all too often their agendas involve (or result in) something very bad happening to a lot of innocent people. Even racial and ethnic groupings and cultures bear watching, as history has shown us all too often.

Here in my blog, I am able to speak openly and candidly about issues, ideas, concepts, organizations, governments, and groups.  Again, individual people deserve consideration and respect at all times—all these other things deserve the constant, deliberate, and inquisitive eye of scrutiny as to their ideologies, their activities, their performance, their contribution to the good of the whole, their stated and hidden agendas, their goals, their doctrines, their policies, their history, their associations, their treatment of others, and the like.

The thoughts and ideas I express here are not the whole of what I think or believe on a particular issue, by any stretch.  Rather, they are some of the thoughts and ideas that I thought might be more likely to cause people to consider something from another perspective.  I want them to cause you to think differently than perhaps you did before—to include a new perspective or to examine your own beliefs more carefully.  I do not mean them to be offensive, though.  But remember, just because YOU may feel personally offended by something someone says, does not mean that what they said (i.e., the content of their statement) was inherently offensive or incorrect, or that it was intended to offend.  Remember, “Often, even the truth is offensive — but it is still the truth.  If we are offended by truth, then we must reexamine our own hearts — our own thoughts or beliefs, our own actions, or our perspectives — not suppress the truth in order to feel better.  Truth must always prevail over political correctness or fear of personal shame or “offense” of others.  We should be strong and welcome it — not weak and fear it.  Truth must always be free to express itself — or we are lost.” — AAJG

If my opinions offend you, be assured that it is wholly unintentional.  It is also unavoidable, as our society has taught us to be personally offended by opinions which we don’t share and to be personally offended by anyone who voices an opposing opinion about an issue which we claim to care about, or a group we belong to.  Here in the privacy of my own blog, I have a duty to myself to speak my mind about issues (not specific people—including you) with absolute candor.  My responsibility is to discovering and speaking the truth (as I can best define it)—not to preserving your personal feelings or agreeing with your ideology, or keeping my opinions to myself so that you don’t have to hear them.  If you have a differing opinion, please feel free to express your opposing viewpoints (to which you also have a constitutional right), and you may do so here or in another forum of your choosing.  If you are offended by my opinions, I suggest that (perhaps it is possible that) you have been taught (largely by those in our media) to feel personally slighted by things which are not aimed at you personally; but rather, were aimed at an organization, a belief system, a grouping, a political issue, or an ideology with which you have chosen to affiliate yourself in some way.  If you can’t get around this intellectually, then it is perhaps best that you not read my blog anymore. Either way, if you choose to read my occasional writings and to leave a comment, I would hope that you will do so with restraint, respect, and great civility.  This is no place for name-calling or (individual) people-bashing.  If you leave a comment which violates this, I will delete it.  I promise.  And you will have wasted your time.

If my opinions offend you, please feel free to visit a site which caters to your thoughts, beliefs, and ideologies and makes you feel good.  Please don’t spout sarcasm or angry political rhetoric, leave angry inane comments about being offended, or tell me what I can do with my blog—I will delete them.  I promise.  And you will have wasted your time.

Awesome.  🙂


One thought on “About

  1. Clarence D. Goosen on said:

    You are of the same mind as I am. I’m glad I found your blog. I agree with you comments and your direction. But I have found that if you don’t offer a better solution to religion, religious people are just offended. I have been writing personal essays, pointing out what is wrong with religion and at the same time trying to offer a better mindset to a lifestyle of spiritual being. My direction is Humanism. I just wish that Humanism was a real organization and have a personal philosophy that could replace the religious “faith” beliefs.

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