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Hispanics to Obama: “We helped you, now you help us.”

A response to the article found here.


“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”  My, how our nation has changed since the days of President John F. Kennedy.

So the Hispanics feel that they “helped” President Obama, and they now demand that he “help” them in return?  Wow.  Blatant political quid pro quo.  Conceptually, how is this any different from a professional lobbyist who makes a significant campaign contribution to a lawmaker, in exchange for a vote that will benefit those whom the lobbyist represents?  It just sounds sleazy and unethical—and it’s probably even illegal.  It’s one of the things that is most wrong with our country now.

We helped you, now you help us.”  It makes it sound as if it was either the illegal aliens who “helped” the president (by voting illegally?) and now they want amnesty for themselves and their families; or maybe the Hispanic U.S. citizens voted en masse for him and now are demanding amnesty for their illegal alien brethren—based solely on their ethnicity.  Neither of them sound very good for America.

John Kennedy’s words should apply just as powerfully to new immigrants and to prospective immigrants, as they do to American citizens.  There is far too much ME in America today.  It is very sad.  It is too bad we haven’t had a president who is a real leader, and a healer, and a much needed “Uniter-in-Chief” in a LONG, long time.  President Obama is not that man.  He has already proven that.  President Bush certainly wasn’t.  He proved it too. President Clinton was far closer than most, I think, but even he was a long way from what we really needed.

It certainly would be nice if the so-called experts” in our government would finally do the right thing and CLOSE ALL BORDERS, and then adopt a sensible immigration policy and guest-worker programs that are in the best interests of the U.S. and its citizens and just end this nightmare!  But they won’t.  Ever.  So in reality, this issue/debate/problem will never go away.

All the turmoil, and the anger, and the division, and the “racial” tensions are killing us as a nation; as is the “me-and-my-group-first-at-all-costs” selfishness that seems so prevalent these days.

I believe it is mostly governments and religions that create the feelings in people’s hearts that are often perceived by others to be “racist.”  These things don’t exist naturally in the hearts of the vast majority of human beings (of any race or ethnicity), I think—least of all Americans of the 21st century (among the most generous and welcoming people in the world).  In this case, our government has continued to grossly mishandle the border/immigration issue for decades (PURPOSEFULLY and for political gain for themselves and for their respective parties).  They are knowingly allowing a bad situation to exist and to continually worsen, and when IT (i.e., the situation that THEY created and allowed to continue) causes great tensions between the citizens of our country (and also with and for the peoples of the world who want to immigrate here), they simply allow it to continue (because it serves their strategic political purposes to do so) and they label the citizens “racist” (or allow them to be wrongly labeled so by those who support unfettered immigration) instead of looking at the truth of what is happening and taking responsibility for CAUSING and perpetuating the problem themselves, and then implementing a sensible and PERMANENT solution that ACTUALLY WORKS–and one which creates/restores peace, harmony, and unity among the citizenry—including the newly immigrated and those who are here as non-citizens on visas or work programs.

In this particular case, millions upon millions of Americans are angry over the illegal and disrespectful WAY millions of citizens of other countries are coming here, and the disrespect that they show once here.  My wife is a first-generation Mexican-American and she literally can’t stand what she calls “the arrogant and disrespectful way they come here.”  She says it embarrasses her and it angers her, as a Mexican-American.  Millions of Americans (of all races and ethnicities) agree with her, and they are no more racist than she is, though that label will continue to be purposefully misapplied—because it is an effective way to shut people up and win debates.  (BTW, my wife’s parents immigrated here legally in the 1950’s, and have become proud U.S. citizens.)

And now, President Obama, as Samwise Gamgee said to Faramir of Gondor in the caves of Henneth Annûn in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, “Now’s a chance to show your quality.”  SOLVE the problem and help heal our nation!  Show us some change we can ALL believe in.  BEGIN with CLOSING DOWN both borders, or anything else you do is a total joke!  If you permanently sealed off both borders FIRST, I think all Americans would be drawn to your intelligent leadership and would be okay with any sort of amnesty program you want to implement (even those who might otherwise oppose it), because they would be assured that this is the LAST time America will have to go through this!  Then, I think all concerned would be mostly satisfied, and some pretty significant national divisions could finally be healed.  It’s time to show your quality, Sir!


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