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A bringer of news. A wielder of truth. If you wish to remain in the shadow of ignorance or delusion, this is not the place for you. Go back to the shadow! Those thoughts will not avail you here! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

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Respecting Beliefs and Choices

Don’t be confused. You absolutely have the right to have your personal beliefs and choices “respected” (i.e., allowed to exist; not intruded upon or interfered with) — as long as they’re peaceful, and don’t violate laws, or harm or intrude upon the rights and freedoms of anyone else in any way; but you absolutely do not have the right to have your beliefs and choices “respected” (i.e., esteemed; admired; venerated; or shown reverence, consideration, courtesy, admiration, honor, appreciation, deference, or acceptance) by others. No. You. Don’t.”

— AAJG (aka, Gandalf Stormcrow)



I am here to challenge your comfortable and familiar perceptions and paradigms — to help awaken you — to make you think.” — AAJG


Labeling the Dissenter

“The loud and vocal dissenter against organized and state-sanctioned hate, bigotry, oppression, violence, and intolerance (such as that which exists as a result of religion), is not a “hater” and he is not being disrespectful even if he publicly shames, ridicules, and greatly offends the sensibilities of those he opposes and their supporters.” — AAJG

The Importance of Truth

“Often, even the truth is offensive—but it is still the truth.  If we are offended by truth, then we must reexamine our own hearts—our own thoughts or beliefs, our own actions, or our perspectives—not suppress the truth in order to feel better.  Truth must always prevail over political correctness or fear of personal shame or “offense” of others.  We should be strong and welcome it—not weak and fear it.  Truth must always be free to express itself—or we are lost.” ~ AAJG (aka, Gandalf Stormcrow)

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